Remote Demonstrations

Interested in me doing a Remote Live Video Demonstration over the Internet for your club?

Isn’t technology wonderful! It is now feasible for a woodturning chapter to have a live, interactive over the internet woodturning demonstration with the demonstrator operating their own equipment in their shop and presenting to a chapter across the country. One of my clubs had Lyle Jamieson do a presentation like this and I was impressed. It was absolutely like he was there in person.

I would be interested in working with your club to make this happen. I have done remote live demos for clubs in Hawaii, Arkansas and California. The biggest constraint for the club is a broadband internet connection and a laptop or tablet they can connect to their large screen TV or projector. The complexity is on the demonstrator’s side. The club also needs a champion willing to work with me to run a test well in advance to make sure we are both fully operational. If you have some interest, let’s talk!

Advantages to a club:

  • The opportunity to see a demonstrator they could not get to their club meeting.
  • Lower costs because there are no travel costs.
  • Often, better video than a club gets with their own camera operator and equipment because the demonstrator typically has better lighting and video setup than a club might have. I use three or four different cameras for my remote demonstrations.

Advantages for the Demonstrator

  • Using their own equipment with more options to show tools and have backup if there is some type of equipment failure
  • No travel
  • No packing and unpacking

I want to acknowledge all of the leadership and coaching provided by Alan Zenreich on this new approach to demonstrating.

Here is a link focusing on the club’s perspective and what is need.
Here is a link to a presentation by Alan Zeinrich who is a woodturning pioneer in this area.
Here is a link to an article from the American Woodturner journal on the topic
Here is a link to a website hosted by Alan Zenreich with a focus on clubs and demonstrators interested in live remote demonstrations