Teaching and demonstrating woodturning are my passion!


I do demonstrations and workshops for local clubs. I no longer do demonstrations requiring overnight travel. I no longer do Interactive Remote Meetings (IRMs) over the internet.

I enjoy teaching new woodturners one-on-one in my shop. I have demonstrated at the AAW symposiums in Atlanta in 2016 and Portland 2018 as well as Southern States Woodturning and Turning Southern Style symposiums.

I have published numerous articles and turning tips in American Woodturner, Woodturning FUNdamentals, Woodturning Design and More Woodturning eZine. My articles are available to read or download under the Resources tab.

Podcast Interviews

I was interviewed by Podcaster, Jeremy Segal, for his Podcast Why Influence. You can check out that Podcast Here

Before Woodturning

I worked in Human Resources for most of my working career. Toward the end, I specialized in Human Resources Information Systems, worked as a “Road Warrior” consultant on large enterprise-wide software projects and wrapped up my career as a payroll software project manager. After serving on active duty in the US Army, I stayed active in the Reserves retiring with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

After Woodturning

I got hooked on woodturning shortly after I retired. I started turning on a used mini lathe that came with a ton of accessories. Soon I was sucked into the vortex and started searching for a bigger lathe. I bought a Powermatic 3520B  and my mini now serves primarily as a buffing machine. I am a hopeless woodturning junkie, spending most of my time on a variety of activities related to woodturning. These include making woodturning video tutorials for my YouTube Channel, writing articles on woodturning, hanging out on the various woodturning forums, teaching and demonstrating woodturning.  I enjoy a wide variety of turning from ornaments to hollow forms. I turn bowls but also enjoy turning lots of other stuff. 
 I belong to the American Association of Woodturners (AAW). I am active in the Chattahoochee Woodturners where I serve as the training coordinator, with past assignments as Secretary, newsletter editor, President and Treasurer. I also am a member of the Georgia Association of Woodturners and the Atlanta Woodturners Guild where I have served both clubs on the board of directors.