I have been teaching and demonstrating woodturning for years and am available to conduct demonstrations and workshops for your chapter, including Interactive Remote Demonstrations via the internet. I enjoy helping others learn about woodturning. This comes from both my passion for woodturning, but also from my extensive training background. 

My Training Background

I have taught woodturning at John C Campbell Folk School and facilitate a monthly hands on workshop at my main woodturning club, the Chattahoochee Woodturners. 

I have been an instructor and trainer throughout my work life. I taught Management part-time at a community college and served as an adjunct faculty member of the US Army Command & General Staff College for many years.

I helped to develop a training program to prepare new demonstrators under an Educational Opportunity Grant from the AAW awarded to Chattahoochee Woodturners. I was part of the team to help implement AAW’s Demonstrator Direct. This is a learning module with resources intended for any turner who has been or will be conducting woodturning demonstrations. This is available on the the AAW website.