Remote Demonstrations

Interested in me doing an interactive Remote Meeting (IRM) over the Internet for your club?

Click on the image below to watch a video on my video studio setup.

Isn’t technology wonderful! It is now feasible for your woodturning chapter to have an interactive remote demonstration (IRD) over the internet with me operating my own lathe in my shop and presenting to your chapter and members anywhere in the world.

I would be interested in working with your club to make this happen. I have done remote live demos for clubs across the USA, Canada and the UK since 2018. Your club location, if meeting together, needs a broadband internet connection and a laptop or tablet to connect to your large screen TV or projector. The complexity is on my side. If you have some interest, let’s talk!

Members can also participate from home using a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Can you imagine a show and tell where members at home can actually show their latest work from home? Or watch a demo in the comfort of their home and ask questions?

Please contact me if you are interested in an IRD for your club.

Email: Phone: 770-362-4308

Demonstration Topics

Advantages to a club:

  • The opportunity to see a demonstrator they could not get to their club meeting.
  • Lower costs because there are no travel costs.
  • No setup or tear down of equipment
  • Often, better video than a club gets with their own camera operator and equipment. I use three or four different cameras for my remote demonstrations.
  • Members can participate from home.
  • No sweeping up shavings!

I want to acknowledge all of the leadership and coaching provided by Alan Zenreich on this new approach to demonstrating.

Here is a link to a presentation by Alan Zeinrich, the woodturning champion in this area.
Here is a link to a website hosted by Alan with a focus on clubs and demonstrators interested in interactive remote demonstrations

Demonstration Topics