Private Instruction

Woodturning is a bit like learning to play a musical instrument. Attending a class or getting private instruction from a woodturner who can teach is essential. Get a good, safe start by learning how to sharpen and use your tools correctly. Videos, books and magazine articles are all valuable learning aides. But, they cannot provide essential feedback like an instructor can on the small nuances of using woodturning tools. After a new turner gets the basics down, it is all about practice on their own to gain tool control.

I teach private lessons in my well equipped home workshop in Suwanee, GA just north of Atlanta. I teach woodturning basics including sharpening and tool technique. I also teach intermediate and advanced topics including bowl turning, box making, texturing and thread chasing. Lessons are structured around where you are in your woodturning journey. I have a Powermatic 2014 midi lathe and a full-size Powermatic 3520c so can accomodate two students at one time. Contact me for more information to arrange a few hours or afew days of tailored instruction. 

 My charges Per Hour*
Private hands hands on lesson with one student $35
Semi private hands on lesson with two students (couples, parent and child, whatever) $45
*Three hour minimum. Veterans get a 25% discount. Wounded Warriors – no charge  

Student Testimonials

David Roberts post on FaceBook

I had the pleasure of having a private lesson with Mike today and was blown away by Mike’s depth of knowledge of every facet of woodturning. From wood species, wood grain direction, how each tool should work, how to sharpen it, tool placement ETC…Mike is so knowledgable but yet has the patience of Job even when dealing with a Rookie like me. I have never felt so supported by an instructor. He really wants me to not only get the technique down but understand why that is the best way. Thanks, Mike can’t wait to get to see you again.

Mike Peace as Instructor by Hillel Salomon

Here in Columbia, I had been fighting the flu, a cold and throat infection, so my original plan to attend a class held by Mike Peace at a day before our monthly Palmetto Woodturners’ Club meeting seemed in jeopardy. To make matters even more iffy, there were so many people wanting to take the class, that he split it into an all day Thursday and an all day Friday class. I had agreed to go on Thursday. I went, thinking that I would quit in the late morning, but Mike is such a good teacher and his advice was so full of good information that I tarried. Well, I stayed to the end past 5:00 PM. Mike is very well organized, clear and precise. He offered advice on a variety of tools to embellish bowls and spindle work, demonstrated their use and then encouraged us to try them on spindles and bowls. Some of the students came prepared with their own tools, but I just went in cold. The club had the tools, and Mike had blanks, magnets, sanding and cleaning material for us as well. In addition to the manufactured tools, Mike had great advice and the material on how to make a chatter tool which worked fine. He came around our respective lathes and helped those of us who needed it. As a pathetically mediocre turner, I welcomed his help.
Mike is patient, clear and extremely informative. If your club is looking for a great demonstrator/instructor, I can recommend Mike without any hesitation.