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My woodturning journey has taken me from learning woodturning to teaching woodturning. I progressed from doing club demonstrations and then to writing magazine articles. As a member of Gwinnett Woodworkers, I did several woodturning demonstrations that were videotaped and released on their YouTube channel. I learned about video editing and uploading YouTube videos as a member of their videography team. Then it was just a short hop to me creating my own channel on YouTube. I am gratified at the amazing growth in subscribers, views and feedback comments. I now have over 530 woodturning videos with over 40,000 subscribers worldwide.

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Here are links to every magazine article I have published on woodturning. I find the creative process in many ways similar to creating a video tutorial. Feel free to read and print out for your own personal use.

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Here are links to a few other woodturning articles that were not written by me that I found useful and hope you will also.

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I believe in handouts for demonstrators. They help me to plan and organize my presentation and are a quick reminder of key elements when I repeat the project.

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