Demonstration and Project Handouts

Angel Ornament Handout

Awl Handout

Christmas Tree Ornament Handout

Chickadee Ornament Handout

Danish Bird Handout

DIY Lathe Cabinet

Egg Turning Handout

Hand Thread Chasing Notes

My DIY Midi Lathe Stand

Lidded Box Handout

Multi Axis Water Bird Handout

Nativity Scene H.O.

Ornaments Handout

Pill Box Handout

Pizzazz with Spiraling and Texturing Handout

Sphere Turning Handout

Twig Pot Handout

Winged Box Handout

My Vacuum Chuck System

Harbor Freight Stuff for Woodturners

Downloadable Scale Drawings for Chess Set

DIY Dremel Burr Texturing Tool