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My woodturning journey took me from learning woodturning to teaching woodturning. I progressed from doing club demonstrations to writing magazine articles on woodturning. As a member of Gwinnett Woodworkers, I did several woodturning demonstrations that were videotaped and released on their YouTube channel. I learned about video editing and uploading YouTube videos as a member of their videography team. Then it was just a short hop for me to create my own YouTube channel in 2014 and start shooting videos. I am gratified at the amazing growth in subscribers, views and feedback comments. I release a new video each Friday and now have about 500 woodturning videos, over 34,000 subscribers worldwide and more than 5 Million views!

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I provide links to a number of woodturning products I use or endorse with a comment on each. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases from my Amazon shop I include this link in the show notes below every YouTube video description.